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International Kingdom College – IKC

This ever-growing establishment aspires to enlist and enrich individuals in it with noble morals, virtues and treats that will guide them in tackling the dynamics of life.

Building character and syringing integrity through the souls of our students is paramount.

Based on the heritage of Dar El Tarbaih school established in late 1950s, rooting ourself in the field of education and excelling in three major secondary diplomas: Egyptian National Diploma, IGCSE, and American Diploma accomplishing remarkable ranks locally and internationally.

IKC believes that sustainable education is an integral pillar in educational quality assurance and enhancement. In response to the stakeholders demand; the School Board of Governors decided to expand its provenance, building a state of the art building, in 6th of October City.

The school campus is built according to the “Neo Classical Architectural Design” uniting history with the future. The building are built across 15,000 sqm with a spectacular landscape 13500 sqm. We strive to layout excellent facilities designed to serve IKC educational philosophy. our facilities include; but are not limited to; 70 classrooms, 6 computer labs, 4 listening labs , 2 libraries /studying zones, 4 arts room, 2 drama halls , 2 multipurpose , 2 Gym, 2 music room, 2 studying rooms, 1 main restaurant accommodating 300 students & outdoor classes for arts and crafts.

IKC will be accommodating and furnishing a variety of diplomas as per the need of the national and international employment requirements.

The path to knowledge and education at our school is paved meticulously from the playground all the way to the classrooms. Every wall, every corner, and every door of the school premises delivers a certain message that contributes and guides our children to a more comprehensive, creative, and innovative learning and development process. Hence, the student is, at all times, surrounded and stimulated by all the positivity and creativity s/he needs to achieve self-growth.

The schools’ first priority are to ensure that the vision we worked so hard to establish is being reflected on all aspects of the educational  process.

Achieving harmony is the main objective, in the sense where the school vision would be rooted in every little detail and every major action. In order to reach such harmony, all school parties; students, teachers, staff along with Governors, work in synchronization … hand in hand to reach the ultimate objective which is “our school vision”.

We would be delighted to tour you around and provide you with an opportunity to meet the staff and be acquainted with the facilities.

Together we are one family.

Welcome to IKC.

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Make a difference every day in every way.

In an increasingly competitive world an excellent school education arms students with wider choices and better career prospects. With a legacy of six decades and a vision for the 21st century, Dar El Tarbiah continues to provide top-quality education to adapt to a changing world.

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