Tuition Fees & Discounts

International Kingdom College – IKC

The tuition fees will be as follow:

  • FS1 & FS2 93,500 EGP
  • Year1 99,000 EGP
  • Year2 104,500  EGP
  • Year3 & Year4 110,000 EGP
  • Year5 115,500 EGP
  • Year6 & Year7 121,000 EGP
  • Year8 126,500 EGP
  • Year9 & Year10 132,000 EGP
  • Year11 137,500 EGP
  • Year12 & Year13 143,000 EGP

 Application Discounts List (With Maximum Total Discounts 15%)

MSA Staff Members 10%
Dar El Tarbiah Staff Members 10%
Children of the Martyrs 10%
Dar El Tarbiah High Schools Graduates 5%
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