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Established in the 1950s, Dar El Tarbiah Educational Group has long since forged a reputation for nurturing and supporting academic excellence, ethical conduct, and good citizenship.

It is our belief that future leaders of progress are formed from their early years at school, and we strive to set ourselves as a model to others in offering equal and unbiased opportunities to students who exhibit the potential to excel.

The school, under the leadership of Dr. Mona El Degwi, has developed a Scholarship Scheme targeting students who have a track record of high academic achievement and wish to benefit from the outstanding educational programs offered at IKC.

Scholarships are offered based on academic merit, measured by a standardized test run by the Cambridge Center for Evaluation and Monitoring CEM.

These tests are fair, valid, and reliable. They are age-appropriate and adaptive to student levels. They cover a range of non-curricular skills, they are digital, web-based, and predictive of student future performance. They require no coaching or preparation and have no external resources.


  • Applies for grade 8 to Grade 11
  • The student has one chance of sitting for the assessment
  • The student is accepted pending an interview with Dr. Mona El Degwi.
  • Upon acceptance, the student will sit for the exam on an annual basis to ensure Good Academic Standing is maintained (not school-based scores).
  • Any decline in academic standing will result in the forfeit of the scholarship.
  • Any misconduct on the report will result in an investigation which might lead to the forfeit of a scholarship.
  • The student is expected to exhibit examples of leadership and community service.
  • Any delay in payment of school fee installments will result in the forfeit of the scholarship.


Application Discounts List (With Maximum Total Discounts 15%)

MSA Staff Members 10%
Dar El Tarbiah Staff Members 10%
Children of the Martyrs 10%
Dar El Tarbiah High Schools Graduates 5%


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