Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission is open to all qualified applicants. No forms of Discrimination against any applicant is applied or tolerated. The school accepts first time applicants to school, transfers From other schools, and from abroad.

Yes, Applicants are required to sit for an admission test for assessment In English and Mathematics.

  • Copy of ID from each parent.
  • College certificate from each parent.
  • Child's birth certificate.
  • Six photos for the child passport size.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Vaccine report.
  • Child's assessment report from his previous nurseries.
  • Please fill all the required information correctly
  • An image for your child in one of the supported formats (JPG, JPEG, PNG).
  • If either parent is graduated from Dar El Tarbiah schools, please attach a copy of the graduation certificate in one of the supported formats (JPG, JPEG, PNG) to benefit from Dar El Tarbiah 5% alumni discount.
  • For the parents who have not graduated from Dar El Tarbiah Schools, please attach a copy of the university certificate or an HR letter


    Additional documents required for transfer students:

    Copies of academic end of year reports for the previous two years, and

     A certificate of good conduct.

    Admission will only be finalized after all relevant documents has been completed and received by the Admissions Office by the due date.

    Submitting an application does not mean your child has been given a place at the school.

A candidate maybe refused due to, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:
1. Incomplete or improper transcripts and/or records.
2. Low admission test scores and/or poor academic records.
3. A history of disciplinary problems.
4. Classes at IKC have reached their maximum enrollment numbers.

Prospective parents are advised to begin the application process in November 1st of each year. IKC accepts applications for students from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4

All parents who wish to apply are asked to fill in an online application form and then they will receive an email from the IKC team with the reference number which should be retained for future procedures.

After the submission of your application form, you are required to pay an amount

of 500 EGP which is non refundable.

Early Years: Foundation Stage

Assessed in small social groups that focuses on school readiness benchmarks, fine and gross motor skills, language skills, numeracy skills, spatial concepts, and age-appropriate academic standards.

Year 1 to Year 12 English and Math exams

The parents will receive an email from the IKC team to confirm the submission of the online application and required payment and to set a date for the first assessment ( Day 1)

Parents will receive an email from the IKC team to confirm that the student has successfully passed his/her first interview. A link to print a certificate which certifies the attendance and passing of the first interview will be sent as well.

Kindly note that this step does not guarantee your final acceptance at IKC school.

Your acceptance at IKC is considered final only after passing the second interview with the school director

You will be contacted by one of IKC team to schedule your second interview.

The parents will be contacted by one of IKC team to schedule their second interview

with IKC Director Dr. Mona El-Degwi.  (Day 2)

 Parents will receive an email from the admission office to be informed of the child’s enrolment status within 3 working days after the second interview with IKC director.

Our school day is from 07:45AM - 03:15PM for students in Foundation stage 1 through Year 12

IKC provides transportation for most areas in Cairo.

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