School Facilities

International Kingdom College – IKC

Our bright, ample campus creates a great feeling of space that enhances the teaching and learning at the school. The campus is surrounded by a magnificent and carefully designed landscape that results in an open and friendly atmosphere.

The main landscape concept aims to create a dynamic design that tells a story with respect to every different age category while prioritizing interactions between children and nature, function, safety, and an aesthetically appealing environment. The design enhances the privacy of each age category by ensuring the full separation between the different playgrounds.

Information technology is an integral part of how International Kingdom Collage operates and is seamlessly integrated into the way students learn. The main building houses a multimedia library, five computer labs, and art studios, and all classrooms are very highly equipped.

The Early stage includes a library especially for small children in addition to study zones and a wealth of active learning resources, outside play areas, and activity centers with direct access from the classrooms.

All the school is centrally airconditioned with very high technology air purifiers to ensure proper ventilation and guarantee a remarkably high level of hygiene for our student’s health and wellbeing.

The school’s learning concept encourages collaborative education through the integrated curriculum and unique classroom design. It also has its own listening labs, music rooms, fully equipped science labs, as well as dedicated language and humanities areas.

The school’s Sport Center is spacious and leveled, providing different terraces and steps. The design reflects the keen efforts of the school to encourage sports among students by providing a football field as well as volleyball and basketball training courts. The levels create a dynamic interesting space experience and provide unmatched numerous built-in seats along with shaded areas for students to use to rest during their breaks.

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