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Lebaladna Non-Profitable Development Foundation

IKC students are more than welcomed to join all Lebaladana activities.

We aim to engender the future leaders believing in the ethos of community service.

Lebaladna foundation for Social and Civic Development was declared under decree #3741, Giza, in 2010. The foundation was founded upon the vision of Dr. Nawal El Degwi. Her philosophy is fully financing the foundation and forbidding any money collection or donations. It all started as a dream, a dream of making a change; adding a value and changing people’s lives through our inner passion that everything is possible by God’s will.                                                                                               

Our first activity took place in 2006, our projects offer a wide range of community services and support, ranging from providing shelter to the less fortunate, supplying meals, ceasing student school truancy, refurbishing hospitals, schools and orphanages, financing micro projects, fully-fledged health programs from awareness to supplying public hospitals with all necessary equipment and medical appliances. 

We also created Lebaladna Juniors, a program encouraging the process of interaction with schools' students for developing their community service abilities.

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