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Below the details of Admissions Officers ( Administration Staff )

Admissions Officers ( Administration Staff )

Position Code : IKC 219

We are proud to announce that Dar El Tarbeiah Group is launching a new contribution to the field of education in Egypt and the Middle East. Ever since we initiated the idea of establishing a new school, our board and experienced consultants have been continuously working with great passion to design the state-of –the- art campus and develop creative programs. Our new school is a continuation of the pioneering journey of Dar El-Tarbeiah institution that was founded by Dr. Nawal El Degwi in 1958. The New International School of Dar El-Tarbeiah will be opening its doors in September, 2021. Therefore, we are pleased to start the recruitment process of our carefully selected and highly qualified staff members. We are currently hiring staff for teaching and administration positions, for our new 6th of October campus. We are looking for certified candidates with experience in IGCSE and IB systems. Fresh graduates who are enthusiastic, energetic and looking forward to building a career in an established organization are also required.
Academic/ Educational Credentials:
- Bachelor degree in a related discipline
- Excellent command of English Language
Preferred Qualifications:
- MSc Degree in Education
- Montessori Certificate

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  1. Posted by مي حسن سلامه دلول| Feb 06, 2021 |Reply
    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته بعد التحيه .. كم اتمنى ان يكون لي كبير الشرف بلالتحاق بمدرستكم العامره اعمل حاليا بمدرسه الاورمان سمارت ناهيا قسم العربي منذ سنتين ع قدر من الاناقه والرقي في التعامل مع الكبير والصغير بشهاده مدير مدرستي والعاملين بها ولله الحمد والمنه اولا وآخراً.. اعمل مدرسه للمرحله الثانويه علم اجتماع واخصائيه اجتماعيه للقسم العربي حاصله ع ليسانس اداب من جامعه القاهره..ولدي شهادتين تأهيليتين لعلم النفس من كليه التربيه النوعيه جامعه عين شمس ولدي ثلاث دبلومات تدريبيه من كليه التربيه النوعيه بجامعه عين شمس في تعديل السلوك...والاشاد النفسي والاسري..والصحه النفسيه..اي اني اخصائيه نفسيه باذن الله.. كم اتمنى ان لالتحق بمدرستكم الفاضله والعمل تحت ادارتها راجيه ان اكون جديره بثقتكم ..... مع فائق التقدير..
  2. Posted by Manal Fawzy Ibrahim Awad| Oct 20, 2021 |Reply
    Dear heads, My name is Manal Fawzy Ibrahim, General School Director for International Language Schools. I am an accredited team member at Cognia. I have over 32 years of experience in the education system having held different positions starting as a teacher of English language at preparatory and secondary levels, moving to head of English department, level principal, to currently directing three different schools held in one campus. During my educational career, I have made it a priority to focus on student achievement and well-being, however the different backgrounds they come from. I highly believe that given a positive learning encouraging community, all students can excel. One of my major clear key roles is providing advice to teachers, school administrators and support staff. I am professionally involved in mentoring new teachers as well as observing classes of different subjects at different levels. At each of the positions held, I have enthusiastically encompassed various levels of leadership, developments and management for a straight educational profile embracing the challenge of the implemented tasks and responsibilities required for the job. I hold a Bachelor of Arts, English department from Ain Shams University. I am now considering developing my career path and wish to join a highly competitive as well as cooperative work environment, hence, I would be honored to have an interview with the heads. Sincerely, Manal Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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